christmas @ mt carmel 2018

Christmas is almost here!

Looking for something awesome to do as a family this Christmas?

Join us for Christmas at Mt Carmel.

We’re so excited to be offering Christmas services every Sunday in December as well as on Christmas Eve. We will be featuring worshipful Christmas worship by our worship team and share an exciting series called "Tweaking Christmas." 

Of all the Christmas memories you’ll make as a family, we hope this year’s Christmas at Mt Carmel services will be among the best. It’s a great opportunity to share the incredible message of Jesus with each other and with your friends and family. 

We have so much to celebrate!

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Tweaking christmas message series

Does Christmas itself need to be tweaked? Of course not. But our approach to it could use some tweaks here or there. For many of us, the Christmas is both a time of joy and celebration, and a time of stress and anxiety. Our financial obligations increase in December, and our schedule gets stretched to the limit. More is expected from us at work, at home, even at church. And the underlying pressure is that everything has to be perfect, like a Christmas card.

Join us in December as this series helps us to prepare to experience all the blessings of Christmas by mending our attitudes and our approach to the season. Using 4 passages from the gospel of Luke, we learn how to get ready to experience God's presence, what to look for, what to focus on, and how to receive (and give) the greatest gift of all.

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Christmas eve candlelight service

This service is a favorite for many people! Come join us on Christmas Eve at 5:00pm as we worship the Savior through fresh Christmas worship songs, carols, moving videos, and candle lighting.