Pre-register your kids

Pre-Register your kiddos before attending Mt Carmel! 

Saves time at child check-in and we're super glad you have chosen to worship with us!

Kidz Ministry

What to Expect When You are Expecting... to attend Mt Carmel Kidz Ministry!

Check-In: Every child is required to check-in upon arrival to the Kidz Hall. The first step is to go to the computers in the foyer to receive the child's name tag sticker and your matching sticker for pick up. If it is your first time you can register upon arrival or HERE. Once your child is checked in a volunteer will make sure they are placed in the appropriate class. They will then stay securely in the Kidz Hallway until you arrive to pick them up. Nursery and Toddler parents are able to walk their child back to their classroom for drop off and pick up.

What we are learning this month:



Leaders take the lead. Like a drum major leading a marching band or the grand marshal at a parade, leaders are out in front showing others the way. Legendary leaders of the Bible like Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and Ruth will help kids see what leadership looks like and how they can become great leaders too. Young leaders will grow this month learning that God gives me courage to lead, helps me learn from mistakes, and gives me leaders I can follow. Everyone can be a leader, let’s take the lead together.



Nursery & Toddlers (Sundays 9&10AM)

Green Room (Nursery)- Our nursery is staffed and available for infants during the Bible Study hour and Worship Service. The nursery divided in order to accommodate lap babies, crawlers, and walkers all in one general area. 

Yellow Room (Toddlers)- Once your child is able to walk confidently they will move to the toddler room. This room is equipped with age appropriate toys and activities. Toddlers are introduced to basic Bible stories and songs. 



(Sundays 9:00AM)

Orange Room (Preschool)

Our 9:00 preschool group focuses on building relationships with one another as well as learning that church is fun! They also review the Bible Story that will be covered in Kidz Church, practice the monthly memory verse, and are introduced to the Main Point of the week!

Red Room (Kindergarten-2nd)

The K-2 group begins each Sunday by learning the main point, practicing the Memory Verse, and participating in discussion about the week's Bible lesson. 

Blue Room (3rd-5th Grade)

Our preteens spend the 9:00 hour diving deeper into discussions about life, church and God. This group begins connecting the main points to the bigger picture.



(Sundays 10:00AM)

Orange Room (Preschool 3 & 4)

The 3 & 4 year olds do a modified version of the Grow Curriculum. They have their own teaching videos as well as age appropriate activities. 

Red Room (5 yo & Kindergarten)

Many 5 year old and Kindergarteners are still learning to read. They have their own class in order to bridge the gap between preschool and the chapel. They are able to participate in worship and the lesson in the chapel and then do activities with their own group and extra assistance.

Kidz Chapel (1st-5th Grade)

This large group experience includes worship, games, a teaching video, object lessons, discussion, and learning activities. Kids work on a monthly memory verse as well as weekly Bible points.