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Rebuilding Our Corner of Haiti

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Please make sure you designate all gifts to ensure 100% of all gifts go to Emmanuel Children's Village.

Thirty months ago, the smiling children you see in this picture lived in an abandoned nightclub in the poorest section of Jeremie’, Haiti. These 50 children were loved and cared for as best they could by a pastor and his wife, but Honore’ and Mona’s hope had dimmed for a better place to care for the orphans they had made their family.

A small group of middle Tennesseans found these children and promised to help. The call for help succeeded beyond the simple dreams that were originally planned. Housing for the children; a school which reached out into the community to bring life-changing education to hundreds of children; a church which has become the heart of the area and provides hope to people who endure unimaginable hardship every day of their lives.

Most of all, a relationship has been forged which has bound a small, rural Tennessee church family in love and caring to the people of Emmanuel in a way that has forever transformed the lives of everyone involved.

Hurricane Matthew brought devastation to Emmanuel that is impossible for us to comprehend. We praise God for sparing the lives of the children and adults in our village, but the relentless wind and water destroyed the original school buildings, took the roof from the top floor of the housing, and laid waste to the grounds and beloved gazebo that was a gathering place. It also reduced the open air, red metal roofed church which had been the scene of so many blessings to a concrete slab.

In Haiti there is no insurance, no government grants for disaster areas. If Emmanuel is to be rebuilt, it is up to us to make it happen. Our goal is raise $175,000 to rebuild what was lost and complete the plans that were in place before the hurricane.

The need is urgent. Our friends have nowhere to worship and inadequate places to shelter from the heat and the rain. We seek to raise these funds by the end of the year so that the “REBATI”, Haitian Creole for REBUILD, can begin as soon as possible.

Every gift matters, large and small. $70 will provide a new bed for a child; $35,000 will build a water purification system to ensure that our village has safe water for bathing, cooking and drinking, free from the threat of cholera.

Your gift will touch lives in the most direct manner possible. 100% of all donations received will go directly to the needs of Emmanuel Children’s Village with NO overhead.


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