Christmas Sunday | December 23 at 10:00am

- Breakfast Reception from 8:45-9:45am

- Mortgage Note Burning during service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service | December 24 at 5:00pm

10-Minute Party | January 6 immediately following service


8:30 Coffee/Breakfast Fellowship

9:00 Bible Study Groups

10:00 Worship

TWEAKING CHRistMAS Message Series

Does Christmas itself need to be tweaked? Of course not. But our approach to it could use some tweaks here or there. For many of us, the Christmas is both a time of joy and celebration, and a time of stress and anxiety. Our financial obligations increase in December, and our schedule gets stretched to the limit. More is expected from us at work, at home, even at church. And the underlying pressure is that everything has to be perfect, like a Christmas card.

Join us in December as this series helps us to prepare to experience all the blessings of Christmas by mending our attitudes and our approach to the season. Using 4 passages from the gospel of Luke, we learn how to get ready to experience God's presence, what to look for, what to focus on, and how to receive (and give) the greatest gift of all.

Wednesdays - midweek

Join us on Wednesday Nights for MIDWEEK! We have a fellowship meal, Adult classes, Children, and Student Ministries

5:30  Fellowship Meal

6:30  Ministries           

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7109 Highway 25 East

Cross Plains, Tennessee 37049

(615) 654-3846