Session One: The Real Heaven Part 1

WATCH VIRTUAL  (CLICK HERE) -  Live at 6:30 PM on January 13

We will be on LIVE together and be able to discuss together following the video.

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For further study

1. Read Romans 12:1-2. Chip said Satan is the father of lies who keeps us focused on a world system that he's behind. In what ways does the modern world system distract us from thinking about Heaven?

2. Read Colossians 3:1-4. Paul commands us to set our hearts and minds on things above. Why do you think he ties this command to Christ being raised and Christ being seated at the right hand of God? 

3. Read Matthew 6:19-21. What is the downside of storing up treasures on earth? For you personally, what would need to change for you to store up more treasures in Heaven?


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  • THe Real Heaven

    January 2021 Term

    Author: Chip Ingram

    Heaven is a hot topic on today’s bestseller lists. But what does the Bible tell us about the afterlife? What happens the moment after we die? And what will our redeemed relationships be like? Ingram digs into Scripture to reveal what God wants us to know about the hereafter—and how it affects our decisions today.

    Cost: Free


    Authors: Kyle Idleman and Deron Spoo

    The Bible is a big book. Hundreds of characters and thousands of ideas parade across its pages from beginning to end. From the uninitiated to the very seasoned, readers of the Bible will always find something new to learn in The Good Book.

    Over the course of 8 sessions, pastors Deron Spoo and Kyle Idleman will visit the most salient themes about God in the Bible. With the goal of providing a sketch of each idea, each session will break down the concept into two smaller sections to unpack the meat behind the theme. At the center of the series stands God, and each theme will focus on who He is in relationship to His created order.


mt carmel Students and Children

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